Animal Control

Animal Control vehicle

Animal Control Division

The Animal Control Division is responsible for the enforcement of state laws and local ordinances pertaining to animals and serves as a contact point for the public with regard to animal problems and issues. The staff strives to assure the protection, health, and safety of animals and people through education and enforcement of regulations. This section also works in conjunction with various agencies such as Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Champaign County Animal Control, on animal-related issues.


The Rantoul Police Department will respond to reports of stray animals, animal bites, animal abuse, or inquiries about any other animal-related issues. Please call the Rantoul Police Department's non-emergency number at (217) 892-2103. If it is an emergency and requires immediate attention, please call 9-1-1.

Animal Bites
All animal bites are to be reported to the police. If you or any family member are bitten, or if your animal has bitten someone, call the Rantoul Police Department immediately. This is a matter of public health and enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of Animal Control.

Any animal that bites someone must be placed in quarantine for a 10-day period and cannot be removed from the village unless permission is granted by Animal Control during this period. An animal control officer will respond to complete the paperwork. If medical treatment is required, the doctor or hospital providing the treatment should report the incident. Every attempt should be made to identify the animal so the owner can be contacted and the necessary paperwork completed. If a wild animal is involved and cannot be located, you will be advised by Animal Control to determine what treatment is necessary.

Leash Requirements

All dogs must be leashed and under their owner’s control when entering upon the lawn or private property of anyone but the animal owner. Any dog not on the premises of its owner or such other person who has custody, possession, or control over the animal and is not on a leash is considered “at large” or a stray animal. Any dog brought into any shop, store, or retail establishment during operating hours, or into any public building at any time (unless the dog is a working animal) shall be considered “at large.”