Emergency Management

The Village of Rantoul Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating the Village of Rantoul’s preparation for and response to emergency or disaster situations internally and externally both natural and manmade. The term emergency means a set of circumstances which demand immediate action to protect life, preserve public health or essential services, or protect property. Disaster means the situation is beyond the capabilities of the responding jurisdictions or organizations.


The Village of Rantoul and its citizens, businesses, and industries are exposed to many hazards, which have the potential for disrupting the community, causing damage, and creating casualties. The hazards may be natural which include floods, tornadoes, and severe storms. Home to many industrial facilities, the Village of Rantoul also faces the manmade threat of hazardous material accidents involving the manufacture and storage of chemicals, as well as the transportation of those chemicals on the highways, the railroads, and in the Village’s industrial areas.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

In order to address these potential threats, the Office of Emergency Services and the Disaster Coordinator have overseen the development of the village’s Emergency Preparedness plan. This plan provides the framework upon which the Village of Rantoul prepares for, responds to, and performs its emergency response functions.