The mission of the Neighborhood Services Coordination Division is to build viable partnerships between the Village and its residents by:  

  • Promoting Positive Communication 
  • Supporting Community Involvement 
  • Fostering a Sense of Community; and
  • Serving as a Vehicle for Building Successful Neighborhoods.

Whether you organize as a Neighborhood Watch Group, Homeowners Association or choose some other form of organizing structure, being registered with Neighborhood Services Coordination Division provides a means for individual neighborhoods to have direct contact with the Village. Organized and active neighborhoods serve as the “eyes and ears” of the community, allowing the quality and quantity of service provided by the Village to be better measured and improved.

The Village of Rantoul Neighborhood Services Coordination Division facilitates neighborhood organizing and registration in Rantoul.  If you are interested in becoming a registered neighborhood group with the Village of Rantoul, it is as simple as calling the Neighborhood Services Coordination Division at 892-6815, and following a few simple steps.  Through the Neighborhood Services Coordination Division, the Village of Rantoul supports and encourages neighborhood action, and empowers neighbors by providing ideas and resources to help them participate in shaping the future of our Village