Eagle Express Bus Service

CCARTS Eagle Express Bus Service UPDATE

The Village continues to work with C-CARTS to provide efficient, affordable public transportation for all residents. In response to requests, we are considering adjusting the current route to encompass up to 10% more of the Village's population, while also attempting to decrease time spent on the bus for each trip.

The primary changes are the addition of some areas on the north and east sides of the Village, including Carle Clinic and Abbott Acres Apartment complex.

Also, there will be 3 separate routes, with some destinations requiring a bus change at the County Market stop. The Rantoul Connector service will continue to and from Champaign-Urbana.

Current route information can be found here: c-carts.com

The new system is shown below along with the three new routes.

There will be a public hearing at:

5:30p before the June 12 Village board meeting at the Village Hall

where C-CARTS staff will be available to answer detailed questions and listen to feedback. More information can be found here.

Eagle Express Update

Route 1

Eagle Express Direct

Route 1

Eagle Express North (Zoomed)

Route 1

Eagle Express South (Zoomed)

More information on the current system can be found here.