2019 Ordinances

2019 Village Ordinances

The Village of Rantoul has many ordinances that are not necessarily part of the Village Code. These documents are provided in portable document format (PDF) for ease of viewing and printing. To open a document, click on the ordinance number in the listing below. Each document will open in a new window. Additional ordinances, back to 1977, are available online. If you have any questions or cannot find the ordinance or resolution you are searching for, please contact Janet Gray at (217) 892-6802 or by e-mail.

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Ord. # Date Title    
2600 02/12/19 An Ordinance Amending Section 18-21 of the Code of Ordinances in connection with appointments within the Police Dept. (Lieutenants)    
2601 02/12/19 An Ordinance Supplementing and Amending Article IV of Chapter 14 of the Code     
2602 02/12/19 An Ordinance Annexing certain territory to the Village of Rantoul (Adams Outdoor Advertising Properties)    
2603 02/12/19 An Ordinance amending the Official Zoning Map (612-614 and 628 Liberty Avenue)    
2604 02/12/19 An Ordinance amending the Official Zoning Map (332, 346, 356 and 358 North Drive)    
2605 03/12/19 An Ordinance approve sales and lease agreements for 735, 801, 909 & 1011 Pacesetter Dr. (Hangars 1, 2, 3 & 4 and 1 Aviation Center Drive)    
2606 3/26/19 An Ordinance approving the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020    
2607 4/9/19 An Ordinance authorizing the conveyance of personal property owned by the Village (Scrap Metal and Scrap Wire)    
2608 4/9/19 An Ordinance authorizing and approving an Agreement for Sale of Real Estate owned by the Village (1112 Enterprise Drive)    
2609 4/9/19 An Ordinance authorizing the acquisition of certain real estate (320, 324 and 328 Illinois Dr.