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  1. Contact Deputy Chief Bouse
  2. Crime Tips

    Anonymous tips sent directly to Rantoul Police Staff

  3. Rantoul Police and Fire Commission
  4. RCS Tips

    Anonymous tips sent to the RCS SRO

  5. Traffic Complaint Form

    At the Rantoul Police Department, we believe in the importance of community involvement when it comes to traffic safety. Our Traffic... More…

  6. Village of Rantoul Police Department Official Request for Public Records under the Freedom of Information Act

    Submit this form to officially request public records under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act

  1. Contact Us
  2. Online Police Report Form

    The following form can be filled out in the event of the following: Theft of Property when there is no suspect information and the... More…

  3. Rantoul Police Department Security Camera Registration

    Enter in your information and hit submit once finished. By using this form, you have acknowledged and agree to the terms and conditions... More…

  4. RTHS Tips

    Anonymous tips send directly to RTHS SRO

  5. Vacation Watch Form

    If you are going on vacation submit this form and the Rantoul Police Department will monitor your residence or business.