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Public Participation Form - BY PHONE

    Please note: Those who wish to participate in the April 14, 2020 Special Hearing and/or Regular Board Meeting will need to meet the following requirements:

    * To participate in the Special Hearing on the budget, this form must be submitted by 5:30p.m.
    * You must call (217) 892-6810 by 5:45p.m.

    * To participate in the Regular Board Meeting, this form must be submitted by 5:45p.m.
    * You must call (217) 892-6810 by 6:00p.m.
  2. Rules and Procedures for Public Participation:
    During Board meetings the Presiding Officer (generally the Mayor) will provide an opportunity for members of the audience to provide comments to the Board at the beginning of each meeting.
  3. Those wishing to comment should follow the following procedures:
    * When your phone call is live, the Village Clerk will prompt you to begin.
    * Address your comments to the Board as a whole; not to individual Trustees.
    * Limit your remarks to three (3) minutes or less.

    Please note that a response to your remarks is not required and you may be asked to get in contact with the staff member or public official relevant to your comment.
  4. Disrupting Meetings:
    No person shall disrupt any meeting of the Village Board. Upon direction of the Presiding Officer, any person determined to be disrupting the meeting shall leave the Board Room and Village Hall.
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